Regional Head of Physical Security & Safety APAC (F/M)

Date: 13 sept. 2021

Lieu: Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, FR

Entreprise: worldline

About Worldline

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry and #4 player worldwide. With its global reach and its commitment to innovation, Worldline is the technology partner of choice for merchants, banks and third-party acquirers as well as public transport operators, government agencies and industrial companies in all sectors. Powered by over 20,000 employees in more than 50 countries, Worldline provides its clients with sustainable, trusted and secure solutions across the payment value chain, fostering their business growth wherever they are. Services offered by Worldline in the areas of Merchant Services; Terminals, Solutions & Services; Financial Services and Mobility & e-Transactional Services include domestic and cross-border commercial acquiring, both in-store and online, highly-secure payment transaction processing, a broad portfolio of payment terminals as well as e-ticketing and digital services in the industrial environment. In 2019 Worldline generated a proforma revenue of 5.3 billion euros.

Context :


Now with more than 20,000 employees in 50 countries around the world, Worldline has become the 4th largest global player and the European leader in its field.

The consequent strengthening of its security system has led to the design of a new governance system for physical security and safety, based on a linear and geographical network from the Group level to the field.


In charge of personal and property security within the company, the Physical Security & Safety network ensures the deployment of the Group’s policies in its area.

PSS missions are mainly to identify and assess the threats facing Worldline, and to constantly adapt a defence system capable of guaranteeing the physical integrity of employees (international travel, expatriates, etc.), protecting effectively our infrastructures, and preserving our skills and know-how.


At a time of tremendous transformations that are leading Worldline towards a new dimension, the time has come for structuring a completely new physical security governance system, consistent with the Group’s new challenges, and enabling effective and responsive protection of our positions throughout the world.


Your mission :


Reporting directly to the Group Head of PSS, you are the Regional Line manager of PSS resources concerning PSS matters. In this regard, you assist the Group Head of PSS at regional level to support GBLs and countries managements in the areas of people and property protection.


Your main responsabilities :


  • Included in the 2nd LoD at Group level, you contribute to define and update the Physical Security & Safety (PSS) policies, procedures, and guidelines for WL Group.
  • You pursue the fulfillment of PSS objectives given by GHPSS.
  • You manage the Safety and Physical Security network in your geographical area, namely the Country Physical Security & Safety Managers (CPSSM) and the Site Security Managers (SSM) for the PSS part of their activity, coordinated with their main hierarchies.
  • You align and Coordinate PSS actions with GBLs heads of HR, L&H, and QSRC teams, and with countries managements, as regional PSS POC for all GBLs in your geographical area.
  • By relying on the animation of the PSS network you identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in your area ; report it to GHPSS ; provide solutions validated at global level ; oversee and control their implementation on the field.
  • You carry out work visits in the countries included in your region.
  • You contribute to incidents and crisis management ensuring the link between global and local levels.
  • In coordination with CPSSMs and their main hierarchies, you contribute to define the part needed to be locally dedicated to PSS management, and validate twice a year the PSS part of the CPSSMs individual performance plan objectives.


Your skills, knowledges, and personal qualities :


  • You can rely on your proven managerial skills, organizational capabilities, team working abilitiesYou demonstrate a high capacity for analysis and synthesiYou have a strong background in risk, information security, or physical security.
  • You have a particular appetite for the mission of protecting property and people.You are interested in defense systems and tactics.
  • You are known for your adaptability, open-mindedness, and commitment.


The 20 000 employees of Worldline are all different but share the same values. You can see it in the way we behave. We are curious and humble – we are learning every day, we keep things simple and everyone engaged. In our fast-moving industry, we are adaptable and life-long learners. Everyone demonstrates the same dedication to quality and efficiency. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of service. Above all, we never turn our back on a challenge. These values nurture a dynamic and innovative team where everyone can develop and grow.