It is the 12,000 people who work at Worldline in 30 countries that make us the fast-growing, innovative and socially responsible company that we are today. Now as Worldline continues to grow, we are looking for people who share our passion for innovation and social responsibility.Our primary mission at Worldline is to design and operate payment and transactional solutions that generate economic growth, decrease fraud and prevent cyber threats while minimising climate change and facilitating people’s access to online financial services.We take social and environmental responsibility seriously and in 2019 became the first company in the payment industry to neutralise its carbon emissions. Our corporate social responsibility strategy and practices have been recognised by external sustainability ratings agencies such as EcoVadis, MSCI and OEKOM and are a defining feature of our company.

Do you want to build a more connected, secure and sustainable world in an exciting, fast-moving environment? As Europe’s payment champion, Worldline is an employer that can match your ambitions. join us and contribute to our innovation and creativity as we design and operate payment and transaction solutions for a sustainable future.At Worldline we recruit people at every stage in their careers from apprentices and recent graduates to seasoned professionals. We understand that our success depends on our people and so we encourage development and nurture talent to help employees realise their potential. Our talent programs, training schemes and vibrant Expert community will help you realise your career goals and ambitions as we work together to create a better world. We are looking forward to you joining us.

No.1   The European leader in financial Services (320+ banking clients) and merchant services (400,000+ merchant clients), with circa €2.3 bn annual revenue.

7,000  The number of jobs created since Worldline was listed on the stock market in 2014.

6-8%   The annual revenue growth of Worldline.

+5%    The annual increase in employee satisfaction (Great Place to Work® survey 2019)


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We run regular programmes to train interns and work placement trainees and we encourage vocational placements for new and future graduates. Our aim is to provide a fantastic opportunity to see how our fast-growing organization operates. Around 60% of our interns and work placement people are offered a permanent contract following their initial work experience with Worldline.


Every day, we work on innovative challenges that are at the heart of the digital payments and transactional projects of tomorrow. Worldliners are pushing boundaries to transform the e-payment sector in Europe and working with leading digital experts to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions using the latest technologies as part of a dynamic enterprise. Whether it is applying machine learning to detect fraud or blockchain to establish traceability, we are at the cutting edge of the latest innovations for our clients.


Worldliners are open to change and we enjoy working together across many different pathways and countries. Worldline aims to treat everyone the world over the same way and to give everyone the same opportunities. We work in an environment that values what makes us different and unique.


Our Expertise

Worldline is the payment partner of choice for merchants, banks, public transport operators, government agencies and industrial companies, delivering cutting-edge digital services. Worldline’s activities are organized around three areas of business: Merchant Services, Financial Services including equensWorldline, and Mobility & e-Transactional Services.

Merchant Services. Our Merchant Services business is the largest non-bank acquirer in continental Europe.  As a major international player in end-to-end Commercial Acquiring, Multichannel Payment Acceptance and Payment Terminal solutions, we provide an unrivalled combination of payment, digital and transactional expertise that allows merchants to boost their sales and enhance the customer experience.

Financial Services. As the pan-European leader in financial processing, Worldline invests extensively in new and innovative solutions for payments and cards transactions, developed by our expert brand equensWorldline. We work with our clients to anticipate their shifting needs as well to cater to the increasing expectations of their customers. We are ready for the future so that our clients are always one step ahead.

Mobility & e-Transactional Services. Our clients turn to Worldline for our end-to-end digital transactional services which leverage data and payment to help them foster stronger engagement with their customers. Our secure and innovative solutions in areas such as our digital ticketing solution, omnichannel contact centres, and digital identity ensure easier and more transparent transactions for our clients and their customers.