Worldline is strongly convinced that Diversity is a key lever in our competitiveness and attractiveness. Thus in 2017, Worldline launched its Gender Equity Program with the ambition to reduce the female capital gap within its organization. This commitment is established in our CSR TRUST 2020 long-term ambition. Since then, the teams of the Worldline Recruitment & Mobility function have also been hard at work, ensuring we enable job opportunities and internal career progress for our female applicants and employees.

When recruiting both female and male talents, strengthened inclusivity in the profiles we recruit is essential. In tight labor markets, a better gender representation balance leads to better decision making and better business outcomes. Improving women representation through recruitment is the basis for a solid pipeline of female successors for expert and managerial positions. .At Worldline, we therefore foster diverse teams, inclusive of both sexes, to achieve our tier 1 work product. Effectively, half of our potential labor force is female. Our target is to better attract and recruit female candidates. Consequently, the recruitment function is to adapt its talent acquisition strategies.


At Worldline, women are clearly wanted and welcomed. This is why we are explicitly addressing female applicants in our hiring process. This inclusionary approach does not only apply to the way we name and describe jobs, but also to the way how we market them visually. We wish to include women and men of all colors and cultural backgrounds in our talent force.


Our focus on diversity is not only valid in the external hiring process. Indeed, when hiring people internally and offering them new and challenging career prospects, we follow the principle of inclusion. Having an Internal First Policy in place, we are preferably staffing senior and managerial positions out of our internal talent pool rather then headhunting them in the labor market.


Our aspiration is very clear: when recruiting externally, we make sure to have enough women join the company and, when recruiting internally, we ensure that they have access to higher career levels. In the end, our target is to have a fair share of female job holders not only in the overall workforce, but also explicitly in senior and managerial positions.