As Europe’s payments champion, Worldline provides top level professional challenges, with the opportunities to work on global projects with the leading experts in the field for companies and organisation of all sizes.Our success comes from strong skills, new ideas, diverse points of view and the energy of all women and men from Worldline. Not only do Worldliners represent our human capital, they are also key players in our success and we focus on managing our talents as our major asset.

It’s not all about just managing our talents. Our top priority is to involve Worldliners, inspire them, and support their development. In line with our guiding principle “Build your career and grow with us”, it is our mission to ensure that every employee’s potential can grow and flourish through the numerous development programs and career opportunities we offer.

We are friendly and welcoming. Team spirit, innovation and enthusiasm all feature prominently in the vibe at Worldline.  We are open and friendly, and we welcome new members to our teams.

Work-Life balance is important to us. We work hard in a business that’s highly successful in an extremely competitive environment, and we are driven by a passion for what we do. We also know that it’s important to have a good work-life balance, and you’ll find that we are flexible, understanding and amenable to adjusting schedules to fit around your personal life.

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. A big part of what makes a company great is its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a leader in payment services, we are continuously working to improve the future of the company, our people, our partners, citizens, the environment and the world around us. Our CSR program objectives are integrated into our business strategy and Worldline is determined to make CSR a key differentiator in the markets where we operate, as well as a catalyst for our internal transformation and a cornerstone for building and developing relationships based on trust.