Build your career and grow with us: Choosing Worldline means deciding to work for a company that aims to attract and retain the most talented people in the industry. At Worldline, you will form part of a dynamic, entrepreneurial community, with rewarding possibilities for career development and geographic mobility.

The professionalism and engagement of our people are important factors for our future growth and success. As a responsible company that seeks to attract and retain the talents and experts we need in a competitive world, we strive to create an environment that values diversity, learning and well-being and enables employees to achieve their full potential. Joining Worldline is a great opportunity and a guarantee to be part of:

A mature and experienced company with more than 45 years of experience in payment systems, a global expert community and a worldwide geographical scope.

A growing and “learning” company that offers rich possibilities for job and geographical mobility and tailored career and training paths to help employees develop to their full potential through internal mobility, expert networking, mentoring and reverse mentoring programs.

A cutting-edge and dynamic company with an entrepreneurship spirit that fosters innovation and pushes technical boundaries through technologically challenging projects to reinvent the European payment industry of tomorrow.

A well-being and friendly company that promotes a work-life balance and ensures its employees a stimulating and motivating working environment that encourages team spirit, enthusiasm and passion.

A responsible company which is committed to sustainability in general and to diversity in the workplace in particular, while strongly encouraging its employees to become involved in the development of local communities through social and environmental initiatives.

Internal mobility, career development, a community of experts, mentoring, training, independence and responsibility – there’s a world of possibilities open to you at Worldline when you join us. As a dynamic business that’s growing fast, we are keen to encourage professional development throughout your career with us.

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Ever wanted to live in Argentina or Italy? Worldline is based all over the world so you get the opportunity to develop your career wherever you want to be in the world. We are in many European countries, as well as Asia and Latin America.  Our internal mobility policy supports Worldliners who want to work in another country as we feel this is a tremendous opportunity for further development.

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We are all driven by the same passion for innovation and technology. Our work teams are close-knit and proud of the solutions that help our clients and their consumers in their day-to-day lives. We aim to overcome challenges to create a better world for everyone, and our operational managers are central to this process. They are accessible and there for you. We like to celebrate success together as well as learning from our mistakes.

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