Choosing Worldline means deciding to work for a company with an ambition to attract and retain the most talented people, to successfully build a common project together that aims high and delivers on its promises to its clients and to its people.

As part of our dual commitment to business expertise and providing an environment where well-being is valued, we create social value by growing and ensuring the well-being of our more than 12,000 talented employees around the world.

When it comes to learning, Worldline’s numerous training courses support employees in their skills development in areas that include Information Technology, Project Management, Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Risk and Quality Management, Communications and Personal Development. Our Training Plans are based on three priority areas:

To strengthen the technological expertise of its employees: A wide range of internal and external technical training and specific support by our Expert Community enables the continuous reinforcement of the IT skills of our employees.

To enrich the skills of the sales teams: The Sales Academy and the Sales event help strengthen sales techniques and soft skills. The annual Sales event results in exciting business simulations, which are a great way to learn how to compete and win deals.

To develop leadership in order to help managers grow in their jobs: Lead! Excellence programs for top managers, Essential program for managers combining adaptive e-learning modules and change management workshops, Innovative Management to convey agile 3.0 management across the Group.


Every year, people reviews held by HR and managers help our employees to chart the best career choice for them, as well as to anticipate career moves and skills development needs in view of our rapidly growing and developing business. We support this approach through half-year performance appraisals and individual development plans.


Career growth and mobility is a personal development factor which is embedded in our culture and which contributes to enrich our professions. To ensure our employees have great career prospects, this programme aims to give priority to internal hiring and employee advancement.


We use clearly defined processes and tools, including advanced programs designed with major technology and business schools and universities to identify and develop talented individuals who are top performers with high potential for growth or with business-critical expertise.